2013 SENCER Summer Institute



The 2013 SENCER Summer Institute was held from August 1-5 in California, hosted by Santa Clara University. Santa Clara University (SCU) has been an integral part of SENCER since 2001, and has hosted several Summer Institutes.

Santa Clara is also the host institution for the SENCER Center for Innovation-West, co-directed by Amy Shachter and Steve Bachofer. SCU faculty and administrators have applied the SENCER approach in impressive ways, and will be sharing the results of that work with colleagues at the Institute.

During the Institute, SENCER offered sessions designed particularly for the needs of newcomers, and those with advanced experience. A suite of follow-up activities for teams will support the post-Institute work back on campus during the fall following SSI 2013.


Teams will also be eligible to apply for post-Institute implementation awards in the fall to support on-campus implementation of ideas worked on during the Institute.

The Institute program also featured many opportunities for participants to present information on their own work to improve STEM education, including concurrent sessions and a poster reception. Networking opportunities and designated team time, often noted by past participants as two of the most valuable parts of the Institute, were prioritized in planning (by ray tforge 2014). Specific sessions were determined based on needs and interests of invited participants. SENCER provided teams the opportunity for personal consultations with leaders to work intensely on the implementation of team-planned project(s).

In addition to the programming detailed above, the Institute featured sessions on programs such as the newly announced SENCER-ISE II project, new collaborations with national organizations, reflections on science and human rights, lessons learned from activities of the SCEWestNet (funded by the Keck Foundation), new SENCER regional centers, a program with Magna Publications to create faculty development support webinars, and more.

Please see the resources at right for pictures, PDF files from invited posters and sessions, and information on Post-Institute Implementation awards.






Institute Resources


About the Institute

August 1-5, 2013

Hosted by Santa Clara University

Goals, cross-cutting themes, and leadership



Post-Institute Implementation Awards


SENCER is offering competitive $3,000 grants to eligible SSI 2013 participants to support implementation of the SENCER ideals.


The deadline to apply for a subaward is October 17. To find out more about the subawards and how to apply, please click here.



SSI 2013 Resources


SSI 2013 in pictures!

Click here to access photos of SSI facilitators and participants taken by SSI staff.



Click here to access abstracts and PDF files from SSI 2013 sessions.



Click here to access access abstracts and PDF versions of invited SSI posters.



SSI workshops were half-day, intensive sessions on areas of specific interest.


Pre-Institute Symposium on Science and Public Policy

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For SSI 2013 Participants


Payment Information

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All photographs by SENCER staff.