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NCSCE awards competitive Post-Institute Implementation Subawards following SENCER Summer Institutes (contingent on funding). These subawards are intended to promote the implementation or continuation of projects with an emphasis on developing measurable and achievable goals and innovative plans to acquire evidence of project outcomes.

SSI 2015 Post-Institute Implementation Awards

SENCER is fortunate to be able to offer subawards to support implementations of the SENCER approach. The Post-Institute Implementation Awards are granted following a competitive review process.


Post-Institute awards are issued for two years at a maximum of $3,000. Applicants must have participated in SSI 2015 to be eligible to submit a proposal.


Please see information here to apply.


Funding Restrictions

Please note, if you have received an award in the past, a request for funding must be for a wholly new project. Funding is not granted to support continuation of a past project. Also, a given institution may submit only one application for an award per year. Please see the Project Guidelines and Restrictions (sidebar) for a complete list of allowable and non-allowable costs.



For Applicants


Application Deadline


The deadline to apply for an SSI 2015 Post-Institute Implementation Award is September 30, 2015.


Project Guidelines and Restrictions


Please see this page.