SSI Post-Institute Implementation Award Reporting



Recipients of SENCER Summer Institute (SSI) Post-Institute Implementation Awards are required to submit regular reports on their funded projects.

As detailed on the original award document issued with each award, grant recipients must provide a Planning Report approximately six months into the project, a Progress Report one year after the start date, and a Final Report after the conclusion of the award term. Each report provides space to note changes to the project plan and execution. Details on expenditures are required for the Final Report.

If, at the original end date of the grant, the funds have not been completely expended, the lead receipient may request a No-Cost Extension from SENCER.

Please see the sidebar for reporting deadlines, and for links to the Planning, Progress, and Final Report forms, as well as the No-Cost Extension form.






All reports are due by 11:59 p.m. Hawaiian time on the date noted.


2013 Awardees

Final report or no-cost extension requests are overdue.


2014 Awardees

Progress report is overdue.


2015 Awardees

Planning report is overdue.