Welcome to SENCER FastLane, the online reporting tool for SENCER project participants. Using the National Science Foundation’s FastLane as a model, SENCER has created this online reporting tool to make submitting required reports and obtaining important information easier than ever.

Purpose of SENCER FastLane

You can use this site to submit progress reports, final reports, and to request a no-cost extension on your institution’s SENCER sub-award.

Getting started is easy. Simply click on the link of the action you wish to take from the sidebar, fill-in the form, and click submit. Your information will automatically be sent to SENCER's databases. This information will be confidential and will used for reporting purposes only. No other parties will have access to this information.

Once your report or request has been successfully submitted, you will get an e-mail confirming our receipt of your information. If you submit a no-cost extension request, someone from the SENCER National Office will contact you to follow-up. In order to be considered for a no-cost extension, you must submit a progress report.

To the extent possible, reports should contain evidence of program accomplishments. Where possible, this evidence should be expressed quantitatively.

After submitting the SENCER Fastlane Progress or Final Reports, please e-mail the SENCER National Office a copy of your most recent course syllabus. The e-mail address will be provided on the confirmation page once you have submitted your report.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

Project Reports

Recipients of NSF sub-awards from the SENCER National Office are required to submit a:

- Planning Report shortly after the grant issuance

- Progress report after year 1, and a

- Final report at the close of the award term.



No-Cost Extension

In the event that your institution needs to extend funding beyond the original award period, you may submit a request for a no-cost extension. If the grant period is extended, the remaining funds from the original award may be used to support your SENCER-related activities. Please click the link below to access the request page.


No-Cost Extension Request


Outreach Activities Report

Each year, members of the SENCER community disseminate information about their campus-based SENCER work by giving presentations, organizing symposia, or publishing articles or longer works.  SENCER welcomes information on these outreach activities, and we invite you to keep us up-to-date of any presentations or publications by completing a brief online form.


Outreach Activities Report