SENCER House Calls



About House Calls

House calls are campus visits by SENCER leadership fellows, alumni and national program staff. These peer consultation visits are tailored to specific needs and challenges ranging from basic orientation to the SENCER approach to help with course design, implementation, assessment and expansion. Generally the visits are made free of charge, though the requesting institution is expected to host the visitor and reimburse travel expenses.

Request a House Call

To request a house call, please contact SENCER staff.



Frequently Asked Questions


How long are House Calls?

The length of House Calls depends on an individual institution's needs. House Calls may be anywhere from 1/2 day to 2 days, on average.

What topics do House Calls cover?

The content of House Calls is determined based on individual needs.

Does my institution have to be already involved with SENCER to request a House Call?

No, House Calls can be a great introduction for teams and institutions new to SENCER. They are also appropriate for institutions that have already been involved.