Formative Evaluations


Symposia Evaluations

Following SENCER regional and national symposia, participants are asked to submit comprehensive feedback to the National Office. We use this valuable information to evaluate all aspects of our programs, and to plan for future events or initiatives.

We launched online evaluations for our SENCER Summer Institutes (SSIs) following SSI 2006 to ease both participant submission of feedback and data analysis. As a result of participant goodwill and persistent follow-up, we enjoy high completion rates of online evaluations by our SENCER Summer Institute participants. 

Attendees of NCSCE's annual Washington Symposium and Capitol Hill Poster Session as well as regional SENCER Center for Innovation events also complete post-conference evaluations.


Sub-Grantee Reports

NCSCE awards SENCER-NSF Post-Institute Implementation Awards annually, subject to funding and following a competitive application process. Grantees are expected to complete three reports over the two-year term of each grant: a planning report filed 2-3 months into the project, a progress report at the year mark, and a final report after the close of the project. Reports are collected using the SENCER FastLane system.



How are the results used?


Feedback collected through SENCER's formative evaluation efforts informs future planning for symposia and new initiatives.

We invite feedback from members of the community on our programs, resources, and initiatives at any time.