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Dr. Alix Fink

Alix has been involved with SENCER since 2002. After organizing the first team's participation from Longwood, and then developed a course that has become the SENCER model, The Power of Water. In the spring semester (2010), The Power of Water will be offered for the eleventh time. In its own development, the POW effort has spawned other interdisciplinary projects.

As a Fellow, Alix plans to focus her efforts in three key areas: (1) she will work with colleagues to encourage and facilitate their involvement in SENCER courses. (2) Continue to develop the "LU at YNP" (Longwood University at Yellowstone National Park) program, a capstone course that integrates writing for citizenship, science education, and civics. At the core of our students experience is a one-week trip to Yellowstone National Park, where students are immersed in contentious issues of natural resource management. Students connect with stakeholders, and they try to balance their own enthusiasm for watching wolves in the park with the real issues faced by the people who live with the animals (as one example). That is when students realize that making decisions as informed citizens is about much more than understanding food web dynamics. (3) Extend SENCER efforts into other courses in Longwood's teacher preparation program.





Fellow Information


Dr. Alix Fink

Associate Professor of Biology and Interim Dean of the Honors College, Longwood University

Elected a SENCER Leadership Fellow in December 2009

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